OK...So Its My Sisters Bike...It's The Thought That Counts See You Soon America!!!! Kenny Did It !!!! Almost There The Emperors New Clothes Thank You Virginia!!! Anthony Bettencourt Rocks A Ride Anthony Bettencourt Goes Home Morris Farms RULES!!! Born and Raised Here !!!! The Kitty Hawk Pier - Done Deal <strong>Dad - This Was All For You :)</strong> Rain Or Shine Its On  105 Mile Day From Here To The Pier !!! Biked 105 Miles only 16 More To Go... The Douglas' Amazing People!!!! Thumbs Up For Sure So I Wasn't The First Crazy On This Road I Fit Right In With These Slow Movers. Field Of Dreams. Pedaled 115 Miles Today • Love It It Is Half Full. Even After 115 Miles. Cheers America. Do I Look Stoked? From Here To The Pier!! These Guys Walking To California!! My Typical Breakfast. Made On My El Monte RV By Yours Truly. Now If I Could Just Get The Fire Alarm To quit Sounding. Hahahahaha. The Atlantic Ocean Is Right In Front Of Me. STOKED!!! Haven't Seen an Ocean in 62 days. Aaaah...The Atlantic The I-95. Are You Kidding Me? STOKED!!!! Big Thumbs Up To That Sign Of The Times. Whoah!!! Choose Your Weapon Of All The Nirve(s) East Coast Time. It's All Hours. Do I Look Like A Deer Now? It's Like A Different State... I Outlasted The Energizer Bunny Bret Johnson Takes Home The Gold After 4 Days of Hardcore Riding. Honey, Look At The Freaks On The Beach Cruisers... Them Fellas Ain't From Around Here Hi..We Are Here For The Biking Position? Oh...You Want The First Day Back After Valley Fever. Feeling Good. Wahoos Owner Gary At The Big Kenny Do It Halfway Party. Family Is Everything. Favorite Sign Of The Trip So Far. Guest Rider Craig Slebrch Rocked 15 Miles With Me Uh, Yeah, Uhm Shade Is Your Friend When It is 102 Degrees I Am Going That Way Two Words DOYLE BRAMHALL Photo Opp Cledus Is Born Hangin Around In Texas Too Long Yo...Adrian Why Does My Helmet Look Different Today? I Am Clearly In The Spirit World Here Dimentia Sets In Boyds Organic Farm. GREAT PLACE. Thats Hot La Buena Vida Farms. Jerry and Jennifer. Two Amazing Humans. Why Not Pedal Down This Closed Road. It Looks Nice. The Real Looking For A Gunfight Say No More Eating Local. Leaving Santa Rita Ranch at 5,100 Feet On A Dirt Road. Thanks Google Maps :) Andrew McGibbon From Santa Rita Ranch. A True Inspiration. My Sweet Nirve Cruiser On The Job While They Never Returned A Single One Of My Calls, Whole Foods Is Still A Good Place To Find Healthy Items The Queen Creek Olive Mill. Cool Place. That's No Clock Hombre I Would Give It A 10 ...And That's All I Need...And This Bike, And That's All I Need Sprouts Stores Are Awesome!!! Incog-neato Date Creek Ranch. Kimberly Was So In Tune With The Land and Animals Here. A True Inspiration. Bummin Whats In That Bee Pollen Anyway? Getting Eggsited About Breakfast AT Coyote Flats Cafe 40 Miles Out and I am OUT Truck Route? No Shoulders Today? All Good. I Got A Helmet. 107 Degrees. River Time Is The Cure. A New State Of Mind Going To The River By Way Of The Desert Good Vibes Here At Dr. Ellis' Farm. Dr. Robert Ellis at Earthwise Organic. This Man is the Human Google Of Health. He Knows It All. A Great Human and Kind Soul. Big Ups to Dr Robert!!!! Earthwise Organic Farmers Market. AMAZING Place. Two Words Guest Rider Terry Time To Get RAD Kick Off After Party At Wahoos Fish Tacos Norco CA Welcoming Guest Rider Dean Bennet. GREAT JOB DEAN!!! Rough Riders Mount Up :) All Shiny and New. Oh, The Nirve. Getting My ID Bracelets No Family, No Friends = No Ride The Greatest Things In Life Are Free But Priceless. Lets Do This :) Tim Champ From El Monte RV. A Kingpin in His Own Right. Jaohn Carter From Super Garbo. A Great Human, A Great Product, A Great Sponsor. Ed Lee, One of The Owners of Wahoos Fish Tacos Not Only Hanging Out But Riding With Me That Entire Day Enoch Kuala. Strong Like Bull!!!! Craig is TV host for Tour de France PBR Fresno 03-19-2010 At LTD HQ - Hurley International This is at Spectrum HQ. Spectrum handled all the PR for Lance's Tour of Hope. Inspiring for sure.