Where do your donations go?
Your donations to Kenny Do It will be used to raise awareness and support for better school lunches across our nation and for cancer research. I have chosen these two causes for very specific reasons. While my goal is to get all of America focused and incorporating a healthier lifestyle, there is a large group of people that need our help more than most. Our nations children. Educating our children on healthy food choices and being able to provide them these foods is essential. Our nations school lunches are in desparate need of revamping. While I am one hundred percent certain that the benefits of better nutrition, exercise and a healthier lifestyle will dramatically improve our nations overall health I also accept that it will not eradicate disease entirely. That is why I am also dedicated to raising awareness for ASCO to aid them in their efforts to help find a cure for the many cancers that exist. The tremendous strides that have been made in cancer treatment are largely due to support from people like you to organizations such as ASCO.

What is preventive health care?
In short, Preventive Health Care is anything an individual can do to avoid getting sick. You can think in the short term or in the long term. For example, if someone is around you has a cold we know that you should increase your intake of vitamin C to help ward it off. This is a short term preventive measure. If you want to avoid a heart attack you should lower your cholesterol intake and maintain that for a lifetime. This is a long term preventive measure. My focus is the LONG TERM. With all that we do know about health risks today there is an infinite list so it can get confusing. My goal is not only to get people of all ages more educated about eating right but also to get them to actually achieve it and enjoy it. I emphasize the importance of designing a personal fitness routine that people can actually stick with. I believe these two preventive health measures are the two most important steps to a longer, happier more productive life.

Why do this on a beach cruiser?
I wanted to make it possible for the average American to come out and join me for a ride that is realistic. Quite simply because this is not a race. As I mentioned earlier, this trip is about making a personal investment to make change. Change takes time. I want as many people to join me on this ride as possible. Remember, this ride isn’t about me, it is about you. Your personal investment, whether it is joining me on a portion of this ride, donating to the Kenny Do It cause or both is something for you to consider.

How can I ride with you?
I am planning on biking 50-60 miles a day. Confirmed routing is being updated on this site daily. Again, I encourage everyone to come out and ride with me for whatever distance or length of time they are comfortable with.

What inspired me to do this?
So many things. I lost my father in 2007 to cancer. In the last three years I have lost many good friends aroughly my age (43) to cancer as well. All, including my father, were too young to go from such causes. Cancer is on the rise and there are surely many factors related to this shift. I have seen the attempted curative side of cancer up close. As many of you know, it is hard to watch and leaves you with a feeling that more could have been done. While I was thankful for all the great medicine and great care I witnessed it occurred to me that the preventative side of this disease, or any disease for that matter, is an area that should receive far more attention. After all, eating right and exercising are two very simple things that are well within all of our reach. These are not new or difficult concepts. They are a couple of very simple things that will not only increase your chances dramatically in the fight against disease but will help you feel better, raise your self esteem and live a happier more productive life. For me, it is as easy as looking at my kids and wanting them to live the happiest, healthiest life possible.

What’s with the name?
I was in Fresno California at a PBR(Professional Bull Riders) Event with some good friends. For the record, I can think of no tougher bunch of fellas than bull riders. They are inspiring to be around. Justin McBride(two time world champion bull rider), Joe Loverro (executive producer of PBR television), my good friend Anthony Bettencourt and I were all at dinner. I mentioned that I wanted to do this ride across the country on a beach cruiser. It got a few laughs but my friends saw that I wasn’t smiling. They realized I was serious. They asked “Do you think you can do it?” I replied, “That’s what everyone will ask ‘Can he do it?’ “. The unintended pun is how the name came about. I realized that the element of whether or not I can actually complete this ride is a big part of the entire equation.

Who is Kenny Livingston?
A family man (loving husband and proud father of two young boys) and a drummer by trade. I have been fortunate to make a living playing the drums. That is to say, I worked really hard at it and, like my father used to tell me, hard work always breeds a little bit of luck. Having sold over a million records playing in my bands Good Man Down, Sugarcult and Lefty, I have toured the globe many times over. In short, I was born a dreamer and I am confident, at this point in my life, I will die a dreamer. This ride is my next dream. My sights are firmly set on getting America in better shape.

In the coming months there will be many additions to this web site. The routing of the trip. How you can be a part of KennyDoIt. Where you can go to learn about becoming healthier. How you can prepare for a long distance ride etc. Stay tuned America and thanks for your support.